Letter of Gratitude from “Severo-Zapadnaya Vysshaya Meditzinskaya Shkola”

“Severo-Zapadnaya Vysshaya Meditzinskaya Shkola” website

Private educational institution of further vocational education “Severo-Zapadnaya Vysshaya Meditzinskaya Shkola” expresses sincere gratitude to Ultravzor’s team.

Stage-managed professionalism, accuracy and team integration made it possible to successfully make the idea come true, quickly and efficiently bring it to life. In the process of work our organization got explicit explanations about the main principles and mechanisms of a web-page as well as help in the optimum alternative of hosting service. As a result we got a user-friendly and applicative web-page which we are eager to develop further.

We wish you plentiful source of inspiration, prosperous projects and new accomplishments!

Natalia Bruk

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