The design of the site and the community of the contest “Admiralty Needle”

Website favicon of Admiralty Needle

“Admiralty Needle” is an international contest of young clothes designers established in 1995. The contest has become a good launching platform for the contestees and the real start into couture fashion life for the winners.

The designed site gives all the information about the contest in two languages. The home page feautures the fashion show done by the contestees on a big multi-image screen.

Main page screenshot of “Admiralty Needle” website

The adaptive coding of the site makes it user-friendly no matetr what type of a device you are using.

“Admiralty Needle” website demonstration on different gadgets

Contestees have a chance of getting to know the rules, the jury, the bonus pool and applying for the contest itself.

Jury page screenshot of “Admiralty Needle” website

The press can get the necessary background and the materials fron the previous years.

Gallery page screenshot of “Admiralty Needle” website

The spectators can get registered and get the virtual ticket for the opening or for the master classes within the framework of the contest.

Master-classes page screenshot of “Admiralty Needle”

Online broadcast of the show is available.

Social Media Design

The contest is represented in social network VK as well with its individually designed group menu and community navigation.

Official public VK social page screenshot of “Admiralty Needle” contest

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