The logotype and corporate design for EEE-Trading

The headquarters of EEE-Trading is situated in Helsinki, Finland.

Green tram in Helsinki

EEE-Trading supply industrial manufacturing and power engineering machinery from world leading manufacturers for medium-sized business and large-scale enterprises. It offers full service from components matching to providing the necessary raw materials or wear parts.

The logotype and corporate design have been worked out in our studio.

The logotype emblematizes a strong major company. The logo features the symbol of a gear and a logistics terminal which additionally points at the company profile.

Logotype for EEE-Trading

Business cards made from two sorts of cardboard will surprise anybody and does add trustworthiness to their owner right from the beginning of the meeting.

Business cards design for EEE-Trading

Business cards for EEE-Trading

The leaflet tells the clients about the advantages of collaborating with EEE-Trading.

Eurobrochure (leaflet) design for EEE-Trading

Alongside with the eurobrochure and business cards we have also designed letterhead and worked out the design for corporate e-mails.

Letterhead design and e-mail template design for EEE-Trading

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