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Inmed is a Russian medical company. Inmed has invented Nanoplast (a band aid with nanostructures) which can effectively stop bleedings in no time. This incredible thing works miracles right in front of your eyes!

The product is aimed at professional medical facilities and security officials. Nanopalst is produced in two variants — Hemoflex Pro and Hemoflex Combat.

Our team has designed the site and print media materials for Hemoflex.


Package Designing

The main aim while package redesigning was to design a clear and easy to read product instruction to let any person in an emergency case use the item and administer first aid.

Package design was done in compliance with all-Union State Standard and medical instructions.

Hemoflex Pro and Hemoflex Combat

We have designed big real easy to understand pictograms for main actions of usage instructions.

First step pictogram of Hemoflex Pro usage instructions

We have seriously re-designed and improved the initial design submitted by the commissioner.


Old Package Designing of Hemoflex Pro


New Package Designing of Hemoflex Pro

The cost effective font type is used in the limited volume of package. This made it possible to contain the maximum of the necessary information and preserve its legebility.


Old Package Designing of Hemoflex Combat


New Package Designing of Hemoflex Combat

It was also necessary to take into consideration the peculiarities of the packaging because the first smaples were placed in the packaging without overprinting. That's why the central part of the worked-out design can be imprinted on the stickers which are to be placed on the packaging itself.

Additionally a general packaging for ten items was designed on the basis of the ndividual packaging.

Ten Pack of Hemoflex Pro

Site web design

The new site tells about the advantages of Hemoflex remedy, gives the idea about its mechanism of action and its manufacturing process.

Скриншот главной страницы сайта гемостатического средства Гемофлекс

The adaptive design of the site let you check out the site on a smart phone when a user needs to get the information fast, for example, standing at the producer's booth at the latest exhibition of medical innovations.

Demonstration of Adaptive Design Hemoflex Website on different devices

Print media materials design

Our team has designed different useful materials for taking part in the exhibitions and brand ambassadorship of such a wonderful product.

We have also designed X-banners and a eurobrochure, devised a few promoleaflet and informative leaflets, made into page the leaflet with a cover and the inner content with accompanying illustrations.

Выставочные X-баннеры Гемофлекса

Leaflet Design for medical device
Usage Instructions Design for medical device
Brochure Design for medical device

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