Design of an online store for a wholesale company Onninen

A Finnish family-owned company Onninen is a leading supplier of engineering equipment in Scandinavia.

Onninen has been established over a hundred years ago, the total number of employees exceeds 3000 people with 9 branches all over the world.


Магазин Onninen
Photo by Angel Gil

Pre-project Phase

Russian representational office of Onninen has decided to substantially expand its presence in the Russian Internet and to organize online sales. To achieve the desired goals out studio has carried out the pre-project work, has worded the demands and has worked out a detailed functional specification of the project.

A detailed description (with an overview of competitors and the targeted audience, addressing different tasks and their probable solutions, and a lot of other important components) at the design stage is a real treasure for the subsequent project execution.

As they say in the movie-making industry: “The film is ready! The only thing left is to make it!”

Functional specification for Onninen

Mind Map design for eCommerce project


Main screen prototyping was carried out for the future online store. Created site prototypes allow to evaluate the user experience at an early stage and build appropriate correlations among application blocks.

Main page prototype of eCommerce project for Onninen

Catalog page prototype of eCommerce project for Onninen

Product page prototype of eCommerce project for Onninen

Order page prototype of eCommerce project for Onninen

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