Website of Onnline, an equipment manufacturer

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Finnish brand Onnline sells electric machinery, sanitary ware and plumbing equipment controlling the quality on every manufacturing stage — from initial production to consumer phase.

Onnline is a brand for a professional client be it an enterprise, a production company or a retail outlet. Our design studio has developed the site for the company and has laid the basis for its future growth.

The new site helps our users get the detailed description of the brand’s production from any mobile devices, find out more and draw up an application.

The Result

lead conversion rate straight away after the launch of the new site

Main page screenshot of Onnline website

We decided to feature one item to keep development costs on the part of the commissioner down. New website sections are to be gradually made as part of the further support of site.

The site features an responsive web design that is why mobile Internet devices users can be easily made aware of the information.

Responsive website design demonstration

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