The logoype with the elements of corporate design and the site for “Rospaket”

Website favicon of “Rospaket” The site is operated by the owner

“Rospaket” produces paper bags for retail, restaurants, cafés, bakeries, drug stores and dry bulk stock producers.

“Rospaket” turned fro our help at the early stage of making their own production. We were commissioned the logotype design with the elements of corporate design as well as the web site design.

Our logotype considerably stand out in the competitive row by its substantiality and immediately states the sphere of the company's activity.

Logotype for “Rospaket”

Business cards, company's letterhead paper, and bags have been designed alongside with the logotype.

Corporate business cars for “Rospaket”

Paper bag design for “Rospaket”

The corporate site demonstrates the flexibility of using paper bags and tells about the advantages of the company.

Main page screenshot of “Rospaket” website

Charcoal paper bag design for “Rospaket”

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