The site for the manufacturing company “Stella”

Website favicon of the manufacturing company “Stella” The work is in the archive

“Stella” has its own manufacture of fabricated metal products, facades, translucent structures. Besides, it operates as a subcontractor with large-scale development companies. The site tells about the company's activities.

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The website section demonstrates the level of work “Stella” has taken part in.

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The photographs of the construction projects were deliberately taken and done for the site.

Project description page screenshot of “Stella” website

All-around description of the supposed production helps the commissioner to properly evaluate the company's possibilities.

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Large-scale pictures of sample items let you evaluate the quality of the supposed production right away from the screen.

Items examples page screenshot of “Stella” website

All company telephone numbers and the pictogram with the travel directions and the routes are available for the clients'convenience.

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