“Severo-Zapadnaya Vysshaya Meditzinskaya Shkola” website

Severo-Zapadnaya Vysshaya Meditzinskaya Shkola is a private educational institution of further vocational education established by Severo-Zapadnyi Centre for evidentiary medicine. The school provides trainings, re-educates medical workers, organizes seminars in medicine, workshops and panel conferences.

Technologies of a major German laboratory group “LADR” lie in the core of our educational work. “LADR” has invested their capital and 70 years of experience for establishing a large-scale centre for evidentiary medicine in Russia.

Making Website

The corporate website has been designed to represent various areas of activity fulfilled by Severo-Zapadnaya Vysshaya Meditzinskaya Shkola.


Design features

The technology of the quick start: the site is started within 3 days providing all the information needed has been submitted.

SZVMSH website main page screenshot

Responsive Web Design

The site features responsive design that’s why the owners of handheld devices can enjoy full-functionality and get all the information about this Medical School from the device they are used to.

SZVMSH website mobile version preview

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